Automatic Packet Reporting System for everyone...

What is CBAPRS?

CBAPRS stands for Citizen Band Automatic Packet Reporting System which consists of a server listening for APRS packets relayed over the internet by radio operators and a webinterface displaying the received information on a map.

More information on APRS is available on Wikipedia.

Why yet another APRS map?

Relaying packets to other APRS maps is restricted to ameteur radio operators. As more and more people are starting to use APRS on non amateur radio bands, i.e. citizen band, the need for an open APRS map had to be met.

Under heavy development!

This project is under heavy development. It is nowhere near finished and has plenty of bugs and features missing.

How to relay packets to you?

To send and receive packets from please configure your APRS software with the following settings:
Port: 27235
Keep in mind that you might need to set a valid passcode for your software to transmit packets to an internet server.

What packet formats do you support?

We currently support position reports in standard, compressed and Mic-E format, status reports, object reports and weather reports in full format.

How long is a station visible on the map?

APRS specification suggests, that a station should be excluded from a map after 80 minutes of inactivity. As long as this map is nowhere near populated as amateuer radio maps the time after a station is removed is set to 12 hours! This may change in the future.

How can I measure the distance between an arbitrary number of points on the map?

Enable the measuring tool located near the top left corner of the map (the little ruler) and click on the map to start measuring from that point on. Any further click will add a new point of measurement. When finished double click on the destination point. The distance is displayed in kilometers right above the ruler button.

I am sending a packet but it doesn't change the "last heard"-time of my station.

To avoid duplicate packets in the database every packet is hashed in memory and compared with new incoming packets. If a duplicate packet is received in a short interval (5-10 minutes) it is discarded. This is only true for packets with identical content.
Also take note that not every APRS data format is supported. Unsupported packets are also discarded. But they are relayed by the server to other stations!

How can I contact you?

If you have any suggestions or questions regarding this project, please contact me by e-mail.